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The Golf Game

Jim Stephenson - Mr.

Jim Stephenson

I apprenticed as an assistant golf professional from 1967 through 1971, within the Indiana section of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, working for “Class A” head golf professionals at public, semi-private and private country clubs in the Indianapolis area. During that time I completed all prerequisite requirements for membership in the P.G.A., and passed all written, oral and playing tests. Due to my involvement in the Indiana section program I received a scholarship to the required “P.G.A. Business School II,” in Baltimore, Maryland in 1970, and placed in the top ten percent of my class of one hundred and thirty seven. Having completed all requirements for membership in the Indiana and national sections by mid 1971, I was granted membership with the classification of “Assistant Professional,” with all rights and privileges in the P.G.A. and was then able to begin the search for my own “Class A” head professional position. As the result of a family tragedy later in 1971, I chose to leave professional golf as a livelihood. Teaching Experience 1967 – Assistant pro, Coffin G.C., Indianapolis, Indiana, from February to October. ? Lessons given to beginning men and women students. 1967 – Second Assistant, Meridian Hills C.C., Indianapolis, remainder of 1967. ? Lessons given to beginning and intermediate men and women. 1968 – First Assistant, Hillcrest C.C., Indianapolis. ? Lessons given to beginning and intermediate members. ? Swing classes given to juniors. 1969,70 – First Assistant, Heather Hills C.C., Indianapolis. ? Lessons given to members of all abilities. ? Swing classes given to juniors. ? Playing lessons given to members of all abilities. 1971 – First Assistant, Woodland C.C., Carmel, Indiana. ? Same teaching responsibilities as Heather Hills. After leaving professional golf, I gave lessons to the following to help benefit their causes in the same manner I am doing for Good Shepherd. 1972 –The membership of the Miramar Swim Club, Indianapolis, Indiana. 1973 –Winter instructor for the Indianapolis Parks Department. 1982 –The membership of Franklin Road Baptist Church, Indianapolis. 2002 - The membership of Calvary Baptist Church, Indianapolis. 2007– Current: The membership of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church,

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October 31, 2009

Golf Talk by Jim Stephenson

October 24, 2009


October 19, 2009



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