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Vacationers won’t be coming back due to poor water quality fallout

January 18, 2017 To the editor: We have canceled travel to your area for the first time since 1968, not because of the Zika virus, but because of Florida's continuing and growing disregard for the protection of its... more »»

Bad news and good news

January 18, 2017 To the editor: Recent stories about the closings of many Kmart stores and Sears stores and Macy stores would have us sad to see these familiar fixtures perish, victims to the ease of Internet... more »»

Give Trump, and his administration, a chance

January 18, 2017 To the editor: Oh no. No more “Trumped” letters. New York and California have a large population and they voted for Hillary, however they do not decide who will be in the White House. Thank goodnes. more »»

Blackmail… its uses and intents

January 18, 2017 To the editor: What is it? The following is just one of many describing this action. more »»

Help make America Great Again

January 18, 2017 To the editor: On Jan. 20, 2017, the eight-year presidential debacle finally ends. more »»

Guest opinion: Convenient victims no more

January 18, 2017 Last week the Everglades Coalition met at a fancy waterfront resort in Fort Myers where they all took their parts in an elaborate play orchestrated with a few millionaires and billionaires, as they... more »»

Why Trump won

January 11, 2017 To the editor: We conservatives did not elect Donald Trump. We un-elected Hillary Clinton. You liberals did this to yourself so quit your whining, protests, recounts, and threats. more »»

How to break the cycle of increased violence

January 11, 2017 To the editor: Unfortunately conditions continue to be ripe for gang violence in Chicago. more »»

Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

January 4, 2017 To the editor: With the political pandering of John Kerry under the direction of the Obama Administration to condemn Israeli settlements and not conforming to a two state request, the administration... more »»

Israel betrayed

January 4, 2017 To the editor: This week Obama betrayed our ally Israel and teamed up with the radical Palestinians in denouncing Israel in the United Nations Security Council. more »»

Electoral College concept absurd

January 4, 2017 To the editor: One may dress up the idea in all sorts of pretty and colorful skirts and flounces to appeal to the credulous, but the essence of the idea of the U S Electoral College” remains this: :... more »»

The Constitution vs. terrorists

January 4, 2017 To the editor: It is not unusual to learn of several terrorist attacks each day. more »»

Obama eschewed presidential responsibility

January 4, 2017 To the editor: Was President Obama elected president or king? A king does not have a constitution to encumber him. However, the president in a democracy needs to lead by working with Congress. more »»

So much bull

January 4, 2017 To the editor: The Dec. 23 letter by Dave Kenney was one of the few anti-Trump letters that I’ve seen in a while; it was right on the money. Let me take a minute and quote Mr. more »»

Civilization and rock sorting

December 28, 2016 To the editor: Our current approach to civilization resembles a certain wayward, ill-starred mode of rock sorting. Yes, it IS the Conservative approach. more »»

Things do not bode well

December 28, 2016 To the editor: The promises that Trump made to the working class in America is looking like so much bull with the picks Trump is making to fill his cabinet. more »»

Current administration has much to answer for

December 28, 2016 To the editor: As we view the horrific deaths of civilians in Aleppo, Syria maybe it is time to view the Obama Administration’s past Mideast policies. more »»

Allies once more?

December 28, 2016 To the editor: With Isis killing the Russian Ambassador to Turkey coupled with China being arrogant and territorial in the Pacific it is logical that the U.S. and Russia once more become allies. more »»

The path to ‘Greatness’

December 21, 2016 To the editor: There is much wringing of hands and wailing cries from the losers a.k.a. Democrats over the choices President-Elect Donald Trump has made for his Cabinet. more »»

Easy fix?

December 21, 2016 To the editor: We could soon have a worldwide problem with Trump’s administration threatening to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. Trump cannot understand climate changes or “Global Warming. more »»



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