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Resident and his rabbit fixtures in North Fort Myers

September 15, 2009

He's a fixture in North Fort Myers - people beep when he passes in his scooter, wave hello and stop him on the streets. But many stop to say hello specifically to his companion - a pet rabbit.

Local resident Coleman Rogers is known for always having a pet rabbit at his side. Now, it is new bunny Biscuit who rides with him on his scooter everywhere he goes.

Rogers has had rabbits as pets for the last 17 years, to the delight of everyone he encounters, young and old. He works with a local produce company at the Shell Factory every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and said many come by just to say hello to his companion.

Article Photos

Andrea Galabinski

North Fort Myers resident Coleman Rogers with constant companion Biscuit.

His newest friend is baby Biscuit, who weighs a little under two pounds.

"She's a Dutch rabbit," he said. "I have several people show up just to see her."

Biscuit has blue eyes, which look like they are rimmed with mascara, and a personality that shows no fear of people - rather, a welcoming.

She likes to be petted and held.

"I had a friend show up at the house 17 years ago who left a rabbit for me," Rogers said. "I've had one every since. They're easy to take care of and friendly if they've never been caged."

While friends have given him rabbits over the years, this one he bought specifically because it hadn't been caged.

"She has her own area in the kitchen where she sleeps," he said. "She's litter box trained like my past rabbits - I've never kept one in a cage yet."

He said rabbits are incredibly clean pets.

"She cleans herself more than a cat," he said.

Rogers has a handicapped equipped scooter which he rides around town, and his rabbits always ride with him. People beep their horns in hello when he and his bunnies go by.

Produce stand owner Dana Echgelmeier of Dana's Produce employs Rogers several days a week at the Shell Factory stand and said, "People love the bunny."

Biscuit stands up on her hind legs to eat bananas, and samples a lot of the wares.

"It's a testament to the good produce we sell," said Rogers. "She eats it all."

He added that rabbits are very intelligent.

"Biscuit is particularly smart," he noted.

When she rides on his scooter, they get around. Rogers estimates he puts on 50 to 60 miles a week on his scooter.

"She rides with me everywhere I go, she likes to be on the floorboard," he said.

Right now she's in a harness, but will graduate to a leash soon.

In the meantime, Rogers invites friends and stop by the stand and say hello to his new companion.



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