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November 3, 2009
North Fort Myers Neighbor
          The North Fort Myers Design Review Panel strenuously recommends that all new projects presented to it for consideration utilize that certain architectural style known as “Old Florida Architecture”, to help create a unique look and feel for this community, as opposed to the “Mediterranean” style architecture currently in vogue in nearby communities. Although “name labels” spawn a plethora of exceptions, the main elements of Old Florida include: metal roofs, or the appearance of metal roofs using more modern materials, with grey, blue, green and red seeming to be the most popular colors, standing seam roofs 16 to 24 inches apart with concealed fasteners, large overhangs, covered porches, walkways and patios, railings and balustrades, “gingerbread” in wood, wrought iron or other materials, shutters or false shutters, crawl spaces under the buildings, and large windows. There is also room for exceptions to this style architecture, especially high rises and larger buildings, which should utilize “Old Florida” landscaping and streetscaping to create some of that look and feel we seek to achieve.
          In addition, we are hoping that projects should provide room to walk around the buildings, using Florida natural landscaping to unify the communities with more modern design. The periphery should provide for connectivity and must connect to properties next to it to promote a sense of community. We do appreciate that financial feasibility may impose constraints on using all these architectural features, especially on projects appealing to more moderate-priced homes, commercial enterprises and rental units, but we ask applicants to “do their best” to further our goals.


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