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Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fitness Challenge

January 11, 2010
North Fort Myers Neighbor

Lee County Sheriff's Office employees began the 6th annual LCSO fitness challenge this week. This challenge is an agency wide 12 week weight loss competition designed to make winners of the "biggest weight losers." Over 160 participants took the challenge this year and have begun to make healthier nutritional choices and incorporate exercise into their daily fitness routine.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office 6th annual "Fitness Challenge," started Jan. 4-7 for employees; challengers weigh in at the start and the finish of the 12-week challenge. There is an individual challenge as well as a team challenge. Whoever loses the most weight is the winner. A small fee was required to enter the challenge. These fees were used to set up a prize fund so cash prizes can be given to some of the overall team "biggest losers."

The challenge concept of this weight loss contest is modeled after the 9-1-1 Fitness Challenge. The 9-1-1 Challenge ( is on its 12th successful year and is run by retired police Lieutenant and former bodybuilder Jim Sayih. The results of the challenge are simple; help promote weight loss and a healthier life style to those who serve and protect the public.

Look for the results in April of '10 for the challengers that "measured up."

Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office



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