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Health care naysayers should forgo benefits

April 6, 2010
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Now that the health care package has passed we are hearing from some that the world is coming to an end, freedom is doomed, and the cost will bankrupt the good old U.S.A.

Well, I do not pretend to know what is in the health care plan but listening to Congressman Mack it is bad.

I have a partial solution to the cost part of paying for the plan. If Congressman Mack and all the Washington politicians who voted against the plan would send a letter to the personnel department of the government and cancel their health care and all the perks that go with it we could save millions. After all, the cost of these programs is paid by the government the same government they do not want involved in their lives.

Of course if Congressman Mack and his allies are doing this as a political stunt and they are not serious about lowering cost then they will keep their benefits and frills and we will continue paying out of our tax dollars.

The millions of Americans who do not have health insurance will be pleased when Mack and his army forgo their benefits so they can at least be able to receive some help.

I await for the personnel office in Washington to be swamped with request for withdrawing from the government plan so they can purchase their health care from a private carrier and pay out of their pockets instead of having the taxpayers foot the bill. That way they can truthfully say they do not want the government involved in health care.

I cannot wait to read in the paper the list of all the politicians that have cancelled their coverage.

Robert E. Renshaw

Cape Cora



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