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Freedom is less government

April 6, 2010
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

There was a letter to Rep. Connie Mack in this weekend's Breeze. Very long, somewhat long-winded and verbose. I would like the writer to help me a bit because I guess I am one of the majority of Americans who object to this health care bill and according to the writer just don't get it.

The writer states that, Mr. Mack in voting for this has no respect for the constitution. Could someone please direct me to the specific part of the constitution where the right to health care is defined?

The writer stated that opposition to Mr. Mack holding office has been three times horribly ineffective. Correct me if I am wrong but that would mean the voters, like me, voted to have him stay in that office, not once but three times and that is a problem for you. Or is it that your arguments are horribly ineffective.

According to you, we were all liberated from the bad habits of private health insurance companies? So, somehow freedom is the government controlling, through this plan, private companies, what they must offer and exerting more control over what free people do is freedom?

The elderly gain a free routine annual checkup? I don't see where that is not allowed now. Oh, I guess it is you want it for nothing. I am a bit worried about who is going to do it as doctors drop out of serving Medicare subscribers when this legislation cuts their fees 20 percent on April 1, 2010. Pre-existing conditions may be out but if anyone thinks caps are gone they've been smoking too much of what California wants to legalize.

I liked the statement about the colonies and Mother England. Didn't they actually fight for freedom from government control and taxation?

Freedom. Somehow the 10 billion part of this bill for an additional 17,000 IRS agents doesn't scream freedom to me.

My being required to have a health plan, facing a fine, and being audited by the IRS doesn't sound like freedom to me.

Cutting 500,000 billion out of Medicare doesn't sound like things will get better.

Adding another 30,000,000 to an already overburdened system doesn't sound like things will be better to me.

This bill provides for the take over of the school loan program. What the heck is healthy about that? What is actually doing is putting an already burdened segment of workers, loan agents, out of business while the government takes over their livelihood.

Kids stay on parents insurance until they are 26. Twenty-six, I don't know about anyone else but I was considered an adult at 18 and was already in the military. Commit a crime at 18 or over and you are in adult court. KIDS, at 26, you've got to be kidding.

We get taxed for four years before most of this takes place. The term voodoo math comes to mind.

The cornhusker deal, the Louisiana Purchase, the three counties in Florida who will be exempt from parts of paying for this bill, and some people think that is effective government.

In looking a Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Postal Service, TARP, the stimulus package and a myriad of other government managed programs. Just today we get told that one day of postal delivery is gone and we will pay the same or more for it. I somehow just can't muster the confidence to swallow another, " I am the government and I am here to help" program. They have sold our freedom and future to China due to their inability to run anything.

A number of large corporations have announced their feelings about this. They are going to write off billions of their profits. Now who do you suppose will pay for their losses in stock devaluation and increase in prices.

Also, I am not talking about just one party, they all had a hand in causing this and that is why we have those in office who want to take over everything.

I am not happy with Mr. Mack about one thing, his voting to take the recent raise they all gave themselves. But I like his vote on the Obamacare.Freedom is getting the government out of my personal life so here is my plan. The President and Congress cannot make a law that only applies to them and not me. They cannot make any law that applies to me and not them. I say this because if the Health Care Bill is so great, why did they exempt themselves from this great plan?

Also, I say that any government program that is not breaking even, should be transferred to the private sector along with its employees and let it compete there with NO government bail out.

John Miehle

Cape Cora



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