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No more ‘public servants’

April 6, 2010
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Not that we can do a lot about it, but the fact remains that civil service unions are largely responsible for the financial straits all the governments throughout our nation, along with the federal government, find themselves in. The idea that the six-figured salary and quite possibly the six-figured pension plan in all too many government jobs becoming the norm, is little more than abomination. It is no wonder all our municipalities border on bankruptcy, what with the inclusion of overtime being used in the computation of retirement plans. It is no wonder many individuals are going into retirement with more than they earned while being productively employed. How can that possible be justified? No way, not even until hell freezes over. Blame? All of us. I would suppose, but truthfully faced, it is the human greed that exists in the human animal.

The private sector faces it's share of the guilt in this condition, but in no way as much as the

"Public servant" whose servantry has become so laughable, it is choking.

It would seem, since we have such a saturation of millionaires in the various seats of all our governments at every level, and since most, if not all those governments are having their financial difficulties, an outpouring of our presently elected office millionaires to fill their positions as dollar a year men will be the proper order of the day. What say you, the wealthy members of our bureaucracies, are you up to such a task? Our attempt at such a venture would be most uplifting to your constituents, would not you think? Let us see you give it a shot if you really love your country.

Joseph Curran

Cape Coral



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