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Intersection is dangerous

October 25, 2011
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I have been concerned with the intersection of Burnt Store Road, Pine Island Road and Veterans Parkway for a long time. Now that a young child has lost his life I have to speak out.

I know from experience when making a left turn west from Veterans onto Pine Island Rd when the light is green and yielding to on coming traffic heading south from Burnt Store Road across Pine Island Road onto Veterans is very deceiving. The reason is, the traffic in the turn left lane heading east is blocking the traffic heading south thru the intersection.

By the time you think you have yielded and it is clear as far as you can see, there is a vehicle fast approaching from behind the traffic that is sitting in the turn left lane heading east.

After my near crash, I decided in the future if there were cars across the intersection in the turn left lane blocking my sight, I would not proceed on the yield green light, but wait for the green arrow light instead. But, one day as I was waiting and choosing not to go on the green yield, a car came up from behind and laid on the horn for me to go. I did not want to go. Why would someone do that?

My suggestion would be for the Dept. of Transportation to make it where you can ONLY turn left on the green arrow light. Please, make it safer for all of us who have to travel thru this dangerous intersection.

Rhonda Dooley




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