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Congress must work for the people

August 28, 2013
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

We are facing the greatest threat to our welfare since the establishment of Medicare and Social Security. Just last week a trade association made up of CEOs of giant corporations recommended in a letter to Congress the following: 1. Increase the eligibility age for Medicare. 2. Make access to Medicare dependent on income. 3. Privatization of Medicare. Then millionaires and billionaires want to slash the health insurance we rely on. Also a group of Republicans, including Paul Ryan, are intent upon changing Medicare to a voucher system while continuing millionaire tax breaks and giving huge tax breaks to big corporations.

Members of Congress propose shutting down government unless the ACA is not funded. This would be a disaster. Please tell Congress they are wrong. Please tell government that corporations are not people. Corporations should serve the people, not govern. This must be changed. Please join the effort in Move to Amend.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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