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Camp Fit makes workouts personal

May 3, 2017
By CHUCK BALLARO ( , North Fort Myers Neighbor

Dan Hill doesn't see 20 or 30 people working out at the same time at Camp Fit fitness center - and that's fine with him.

His concept is to get people of all abilities and ages in shape, whether they are over their ideal weight and need a workout plan that fits their abilities, or a teen athlete looking to step up his game.

That means a hands-on, custom plan.

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Sophia Mathewson, 14, works out with kettle balls during her workout recently at Camp Fit at 4424 Hancock Bridge Parkway.


Camp Fit, at 4424 Hancock Bridge Parkway, is not a typical fitness center; it is only open by appointment.

Hill, who has been in fitness his entire adult life at the chains, said those places didn't allow him to give people the attention he wanted.

"I purchased this place last year and I'm doing a lot working one-on-one with people. We want to work with people within a 20-mile radius of the club," Hill said.

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Hill works with all ages in a family-friendly facility. They do personal training that involves mobility and endurance, cross-fit, plyometrics and weight training. There is also yoga and boxing.

Hill said many of his clients have weight concerns and want to improve their physical health.

"Those people are starting from ground zero. We will cater to all abilities from beginner to athletes. We can modify the weights for those who are brand new and can make it so there's nobody else in the group and will get specialized training," Hill said.

But all the working out doesn't amount to much if you don't eat right. Hill said to not talk about diet would be a disservice to those he works with.

"We speak to our clients a lot about diet and eating correctly and make that a priority," Hill said. "Your body will start craving high-quality food and proteins. If you think you can out-exercise a bad diet, that is not true. Diet is 80 percent of fitness."

Among Hill's clients is 14-year-old Sophia Mathewson, a baseball phenom who will be playing with the North Fort Myers High School baseball team next season and is one of the top female players in the nation.

She, along with a couple others, came in for a 4:30 p.m. session under the supervision of trainer Anthony Giganti.

"Everyone in the class is at a different level. Some people will be doing different exercises on the same muscle groups so they don't get injured," Giganti said.

Jennifer Bayne, a client, said she came to Camp Fit and fell in love with the way Anthony trained her. She had been with him five years.

"I come in three times a week for 30 minutes a day. It's very intense. We do hard cardio, focus on certain areas of the body and circuit training until there's a burn," Bayne said.

The cost of the personalized sessions are reasonable at $9 at Camp Fit, which says its prices are among the lowest - if not the lowest - of any other similar facility in the area. For more information call 567-CAMP (2267) or go to



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