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Anti-corruption amendment needed

May 31, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Recently I spoke my opinion at a Constitutional Revision Commission public hearing. My theme was government corruption. In researching the subject, I learned that in Florida state government, the practice of quid pro quo is not only "very common," but also perfectly legal. In other words, in exchange for political gain, our elected officials often pass laws to benefit special interest entities, rather than the constituents they are sworn to represent. We the public are then forced to obey laws that were not made in our best interest, and over which we had no say.

The good news is that this year, while the CRC is accepting commentary, citizens have the chance to redress this iniquity. An Anti-Corruption Amendment to the Florida Constitution would make the quid pro quo illegal. An excellent template for such an amendment has already been written; called the American Anti-Corruption Act, it may be viewed online at I am asking the CRC to put an Anti-Corruption Amendment, modeled after the AACA, onto the 2018 ballot. Since the Commission may be composed largely of the very people who would be affected adversely by such an amendment, it may well require massive public pressure for them to take such a step.

If you agree with me that government corruption should be illegal in Florida, then please email, phone, or write to the CRC, or speak out at one of the public hearings. You can find contact information at

Claudia Reed




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