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Action must be based on facts, not party ‘loyalty’

October 9, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Joe Biden lost a son in service to his country. It would seem that Hunter Biden, the other son, not unlike George W. Bush, traded on his father's political positions for a series of "no show" jobs, and a descent into addiction.

We don't know why a nation where the language is Ukrainian or Russian might hire Hunter for a board position two years after he lost his Navy Reserve no show job for testing positive for cocaine. No one has alleged that Hunter Biden had any business knowledge to impart to the Ukrainian energy business that paid him.

The voters registered as Democrats will have to decide in a few months if the son's poor judgement should be disqualifying for the father to be president.

Meanwhile, we must also consider if the perks of the Presidency should include coercion of political "favors" from weaker nations. One does not have to utter the Latin phrase "quid pro quo" (this for that) for the legal definition to be met. It is sadly disingenuous to hear Republicans claiming President Trump did not engage in the crime of soliciting "a favor" from the newly elected President of the Ukraine, that amounted to quid pro quo, simply because he did not say that exact phrase.

The notes of the call could not be more clear. The Ukrainian president, desperate to purchase U.S. weapons with U.S. taxpayer dollars as the (Russian?) militias and Russian-speaking third of the Ukrainian country attempt to splinter off from his nation militarily. The Ukrainian president requests the javelin weapon money be released (Trump had ordered the funds held up); and in the very next notation President Trump replies that he "...needs a favor though." The nexus is clear between the Ukrainian ask, for Congressionally approved tax dollars to be released; and Trump's reply redirecting the conversation to a solicitation for anti-Biden dirt. Dirt on his adversary in this nation's Presidential election. The nexus is clear, and the propaganda material "dirt" from a foreign nation to impugn his adversary in this nation's upcoming Presidential election amounts to an illegal solicitation of an illegal political campaign contribution. This would be illegal foreign interference in a U.S. election.

Such conduct cannot be suborned by a free people. As Americans we must urge our Republican senators to listen carefully to the facts. The impeachment inquiry may not result in an impeachment. But as the potential jury pool Florida Senators Rubio and Scott should conduct themselves in a manner beyond reproach.

Ellen Starbird

Cape Coral



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