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Trump tops Democratic accomplishments

February 6, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

A sample letter from a Democrat like a recent one can best be remembered for vilifying rather than making a good argument. Names used- money-driven bootlicker, fast-moving cancer, racist, creep, bully, disrespectful, fornicator, reminds him of Hitler, unethical, liar and spills the blood of innocent human beings.

Regarding Trump's "convicted criminals." I found six listed in Trump's bio online. Some of these were set up by the FBI using illegal subpoenas and entrapment. The FBI people involved are no longer in the FBI and may be indicted for their role. One of Trump's associates, Paul Manafort, was his campaign manager for a few months but was let go because of his questionable personal financial issues. So that conviction was warranted.

Online I found a list of the top 10 convicted felons and close associates in Obama's life. Obama had more than Trump.

In regard to Obama's economic impact, he imitated Roosevelt by trying to spend his way out of the recession. It took World War II to bring us out of the 1930 recession. Obama spent money on programs like Cash for Clunkers that cost the government about $24,000 per car. Very good engines were destroyed so the cars were useless, $billions were lost and people who could only afford a clunker were left with no car that they could afford.

It wasn't just Trump but Obama's anti-business leadership leaving the White House that revived our economy. But most telling was that Obama's last quarter GNP increase was less than 1.5% and his 8-year average was 1.48%. National debt increased 113%, many companies' moved out of the U.S., the rich got richer and the working person's income went down.

The Democrats have made a mess of the Constitution in the impeachment soap opera. Impeachment requires treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. None was mentioned by the partisan Dems. In fact, the issues in play were more egregiously violated by Obama than Trump. Obama ignored Congress, made the law up as he saw fit and fought subpoenas. The courts rejected Obama's authority on every action that reached the court before he moved out of the White House.

Also, Obama used the IRS and the Justice Department as a hammer against the opposition; forged a one-sided treaty with Iran and then sent billions of dollars to Iran so Iran could continue supporting terrorists and developing nuclear weapons, all without approval of Congress. That could be listed as aiding and abetting the enemy.

Finally the racist card is used. Democrats see race in everything and fake news obliges them. Most of us just see America. Obama left office with more separation between the races. Trump has taken positive actions to improve the life of minorities. Trump insisted on removing the restrictions on minorities and Jews before he bought his place in Mar-a-Largo; employs a variety of races and genders in his leadership; more minorities are employed today than ever before; has led in revising the criminal law that has given hope to many minorities; is trying to open doors for charter schools in an effort to change the poor education most cities are providing.

Trump is the first CEO in the White House and he is confrontational and tough. A no-political approach is reaping incredible results such as the trade agreements, draining the swamp and leading a war against terrorists.

Before you complain about Trump look at Democratic presidents: Vietnam Johnson, 13% inflation Carter, womanizer Clinton, and make-a-speech and go play golf Obama! Face it; the Dems are unhappy because they lost the White House to someone who campaigned on draining the swamp.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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