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Republicans with failing records on water want a promotion

May 13, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Cape Coral is my hometown. I remember when our waters were clear and full of life, when we had hundreds of crabs along our dock walls. That is why I'm growing increasingly frustrated as I see time and time again local politicians who have Failing voting records on water promoting themselves.

In recent years we've had a toxic algae crisis caused by nutrient pollution from up river.

I need you all to pay attention to what I'm about to say:

Corporations that pollute have been donating to the GOP, to Florida Realtors and to the Florida Chamber of Commerce. In turn those organizations promote and endorse the candidates with the failing voting records on water. Those candidates look the other way while corporations like Big Sugar lobby to weaken water protections. Many politicians like to say they are strong on water but they don't do what it would actually take to keep our waters clean. For example, Rooney has a F voting record on water and he took money from the oil industry.

Fitzenhagen and Eagle both have Failing voting records on water. They allowed fracking, a process where over 700 toxins are injected into the ground and blown up to release oil, which puts our aquifers and water supply at risk of contamination.

In Florida, water is the economy. So I'm calling on my fellow neighbors, the contractors, the fishing families, the real estate agents and yes even our local chamber members to say, enough is enough. I want to be able to go to the beach again and not worry about cyanobacteria and toxic green slime or dead whale sharks and dolphins washing up on local beaches, don't all of you, too?

I was at a Chamber of Commerce event in Cape Coral back in 2014 listening in the back of the room when Dane Eagle said he would, "form a committee" to "oppose" Everglades legislation. The Everglades, our "River of Grass" are what bring tourists to Florida, keep our fish industry going and even protect us from hurricanes. Without the glades, Florida would become a desert. And if anyone questions what I heard I will take a lie detector test because everyone in town knows I never ever lie. For me, our community and the waters come first.

Don't reward people for incompetence. Don't give them a promotion when they never earned it.

We depend on these waters for our health, and we all want to be able to go to the beach like we used to and enjoy clean clear water again.

It's only going to get better when we stop putting the same people with failing voting records on water in office. In November send them packing.

*for detailed information on voting records visit the Sierra Club, The Florida Conservation Voters and The Democratic Environmental Caucus-all these groups have been doing factual analysis of voting records.

C.A. Hughes

Cape Coral

Floridian since 1977



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