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Green Gallon Solutions holds a ‘green’ grand opening

By Staff | Nov 23, 2011

ANDREA GALABINSKI Instead of the traditional red ribbon for the opening, Green Gallon Solutions choose a green ribbon.

A new business and new corporate headquarters office have been launched in North Fort Myers – Green Gallon Solutions.

Green Gallon Solutions is a new biodiesel plant in North Fort Myers. The plant is designed to produce 2 million gallons of biodiesel fuel from used vegetable oil and animal fats that are picked up from local restaurants and manufacturers.

According to officials, Green Gallon Solutions produces high quality biodiesel fuel, which is biodegradable, contains no sulfur and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent.

“We’re converting waste oil to a very environmentally-friendly biofuel,” said CEO Richard Finkbeiner. “We are also creating jobs in the local economy, doing donations to charities and as we grow – they (jobs and donations) grow. Our goal is to create 20 new plants throughout the country,” he said.

A check was presented to the Harry Chapin Food Bank’s Al Brislain, the organization designated as a recipient of 2 percent of the sales of the products.

ANDREA GALABINSKI Green Gallon Solutions held a “green” grand opening last week. Pictured are the North Fort Myers Civic Association President Gregg Makepeace, Harry Chapin’s Al Brislain, CEO Richard Finkbeiner and wife Joanne Robinson with investor Slobodan Cvetkovic and wife Jamila Mitchell, with Lee County Commissioner Tammy Hall.

“I love the slogan, going green one gallon at a time,” said Lee County Commissioner Tammy Hall, who spoke at the event. “It is an amazing statistic – to every gallon of biodiesel fuel produced, it replaces seven gallons of petroleum.”

The equipment for the plant is 100 percent American made with most of the components being manufactured in Florida. As well as housing the Southwest Florida plant, this location will serve as the corporate offices for Green Gallon Solutions, which will include its research and development and testing facilities.

German investors were present, including Slobo-dan Cvetkovic and his wife Jamila Mitchell. Europe is well ahead of the U.S. in accepting biofuel, officials said.

Several local, state and federal officials have assisted in establishing this new plant, including Hall and Lee County.

“I’m glad to see such a new business like this open in North Fort Myers,” said North Fort Myers Civic Association president Gregg Makepeace. “I hope it is a look into the future.”

For more information, go to greengallonsolutions.com or call 284-1391.

The plant is located at 7904 Interstate Court, North Fort Myers.