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Gingrich the man to defeat Obama

By Staff | Jan 18, 2012

To the editor:

As a fairly avid follower of all the goings on in the Republican Presidential Primaries presently taking place – and since I’ve been seeking a candidate to defeat President Barack Obama in the upcoming 2012 elections, I’ve decided the time is at hand to get off the pot – make my decision and get on with the business of supporting my choice and work toward that end.

Taking in all the various pros and cons of the various candidates, I have concluded that Newt Gingrich is the man to fill the bill at the top of the ticket with a running mate of Ron Paul or Donald Trump that would give us the victory our nation so sorely needs and must have for the good and welfare of us all.

Why my choices? After listening to Newt during the recent New Hampshire primary, I am convinced that his candidacy is for the good of the country, his family and not Newt Gingrich. The other two I name for the same reasons.

Great Americans all and if “The Donald” ever does jump into the fray, nothing but good could come from the event.

Whatever, there you have it. For President Newt Gingrich and either or Donald Trump or Ron Paul for Vice President to save our glorious United States of America.

With the help of God “They shall prevail”.

Joseph F. Curran

Cape Coral