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North Fort Myers Post Office honors ‘million-mile’ carriers

By Staff | May 14, 2014

From left, acting postmaster Dan Beauchemin, Melanie McCracken, Dave Kriebel, office manager Kevin Buckley and Spider Man as McCracken and Kriebel were honored for their 30 years of service to the United States Postal Service by receiving the "Million Mile" award at the North Fort Myers Post Office on Wednesday. CHUCK BALLARO

The North Fort Myers Post Office at the Weaver’s Corner Shopping Center had a lot to celebrate Wednesday.

The post office honored two letter carriers for their 30 years of service, two others for customer service, and the entire team for its participation in a post office directive during a morning ceremony.

Melanie McCracken and Dave Kriebel were vaulted to the USPS “Million Mile Club,” which honors those who have hit the 1 million mark on the odometer without a preventable accident, or who have put in 30 years of service.

Kevin Buckley, manager of the post office, said the two easily put in 15 to 20 miles of driving every day, and to do that every day without an accident is huge.

“With the weather conditions and the number of seasonal people who visit, this is a big accomplishment,” Buckley said. “We go above and beyond the recognize them.”

McCracken has served at the North Fort Myers Officer for 30 years, starting as a rural carrier’s relief and moving to rural carrier five years later, which she has done since.

“It’s been a long trip. Doing rural routes may have me over a million miles,” McCracken said. “Most of what I deliver now is in subdivisions, which is easier than real rural routes way out in the country.”

Kriebel started in the USPS in 1984 as a clerk in Lansdale, Penn. before moving to carrier and coming to Southwest Florida in 1994.

“It’s been a long experience and quite a journey. It’s been a joy to be with my co-workers,” Kriebel said with a good-natured smile as they heckled in the background. “I love the customers. It’s enjoyable to meet people now that I’m riding around more.”

McCracken and Kriebel were awarded plaques by new acting postmaster Dan Beauchemin, who also is in charge of the entire 339 district. Also on hand was Spider-Man, as the USPS is promoting the comic-book character’s new movie that’s now in theaters.

“I have only given five of these awards away in my career. To give two at the same time is a treat,” Beauchemin said.

Beauchemin got to hand out other hardware. Ann Jacobs was awarded a pin for 25 years for her commitment to service, and Vicki Stella and Tim Meyers also received gold stars for customer service.

The entire office was also feted for its 100 percent participation in the USPS Customer Connect Program, which encourages all workers to promote the postal service’s services to help it increase revenue.