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NFM Civic Association: What coming up in April at NFM Civic

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018

This is my second column for the North Fort Myers Civic Association. I welcome input as the format develops. You can expect to see the column twice a month. Mid-month I’ll talk about what happened at our last monthly meeting, held the second Tuesday of each month. In the beginning of the month, the column will give you a heads up of what the agenda looks like at the upcoming meeting. That’s the purpose of today’s article. So, if you read on, hopefully you’ll want to join us April 10, offer suggestions, and maybe get involved. After all, this is your civic association.

First, some nuts and bolts.

Like any association we have to purchase insurance. Why? Well, the Association handles money, may enter into a contract, or even sponsor events. Something unexpected happens, well, lawsuits are more common than they should be. So we buy what’s called Directors and Officers coverage. The Association is having the policy reviewed by an insurance specialist to make sure the policy, with all its riders, endorsements, and exclusions is sufficient. Boring stuff, but necessary. We welcome contributions to pay for it and other activities.

What else? We’ve been updating the by-laws. Nothing monumental, just want to make sure the multipage document is consistent throughout. There’ll be a little discussion on the changes.

And don’t forget the slogan campaign. I mentioned that in my last column. And no, we’re not proposing any name change!

Absolutely not!

We want the name, North Fort Myers, to attract people to the area. So we welcome suggestions. Next, keeping with the theme I mentioned, working together, your Association will report on the community presidents’ meeting (Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Civic Association).

You have questions? Suggestions? We have a new phone Number: 239-233-7925. And a Facebook Page. Please go to it and post a “like.” The good news about the page is that there is no fake news, no Russian trolls, nothing divisive. The bad news is it needs updating with events posted, community information, pictures, and your comments. Discussion is good, so long as it remains civil! If you want to get involved, like our Facebook. And you can do more. The Association welcomes help with our Facebook page. We’ll also discuss the progress on our Webpage. It is being revamped. Again, if any IT folks want to pitch in, we may need some help. And finally, we need fundraising suggestions. Not millions, but something. Whether it’s scholarships, promoting local businesses, North Fort Myers’ events, or? We need a bank account that says more than zero. And yes, all the Directors are volunteers. We don’t even get mileage reimbursements!

This is election year! Well, that’s not entirely fair to say. Last year were municipal elections. So, it too was an election year. But this year we will be electing statewide offices as well as a County Commissioner, School Board members, State Senators and State Representatives.Of course Congressmen and Congresswomen on the Federal level as well as a U.S. Senator. Time to discuss Town Hall Candidate Meetings that your Association will sponsor. Maybe we can get some gubernatorial candidates to speak. All of this is bi-partisan, meaning regardless of party (or no party affiliation), we welcome candidates.

Heads up! The North Fort Myers Community Planning Panel has an anticipated vacancy. I’ll bet most of you are asking, what the heck is that? We’ll talk about that April 10. But you can Google it if you’re curious. The name tells you a lot.

And I’ll end this with a brief discussion of code enforcement. There are a myriad of property defects that the County will take steps to have corrected if alerted. These defects can include unsightly appearance of property. Overgrown grass and lot mow violations are an example. Not only is their appearance unsightly, but they may well pose a fire hazard. And there are environmental issues the County addresses. These include landscaping non-compliance, tree protection regulation violations, and even enforcement of sea turtle protection regulations.

Code violations? Our concern?

Well, we discussed this at the last meeting. A “monument” sign towering over Cleveland at the junction with Hancock, almost at the entrance to North Fort Myers coming over the bridge, was discussed. Between general disrepair and effects of Hurricane Irma, it is a major eyesore. The County is looking into it as a code violation and the status of that concern, and code violation administrative processes in general, will be discussed April 10.

So, I hope to see you there. Especially with a slogan to make our community, North Fort Myers, the place to be. April 10, 7 p.m., 2000 N. Recreation Way (Community Recreation Center), North Fort Myers.