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NFM Civic Association: NFM Civic Association heads to the mound

By Staff | Jul 11, 2018

What’s been going on during the last two weeks in North Fort Myers? With your Civic Association? Or, what do Wiffle Balls and a library have in common? Our Civic Association – what else!

Now, on to business.

The Association’s President, Doug Dailey, met with Lee County Commissioner Brian Hamman on June 18 to discuss the possibility of softball fields for NFM and when we can expect completion of the NFM Library. Commissioner Hamman stated that there was nothing in the upcoming budget cycle regarding any softball fields or complexes for NFM and offered to approach the Parks and Recreation Department heads to see if they are considering proposing anything. The meeting between Doug and Brian was short but a bug was put in the commissioner’s ear regarding the softball complex. We’ll see what happens from here. The library delay can be attributed to several factors but it is again moving along. The last slowdown resulted from engineering changes so the building could be used as a Public Safety Shelter during storms. We all know from Irma how important it is to have adequate shelters. So, thank you Lee County.

The Civic Association was contacted by a reporter about Paradise Isle. What do we think about it? Nice to know we have a voice. Many of you may recall, earlier this year, there was a presentation by developers regarding a project at Lochmoor Country Club (land and the Marina off Orange Grove south of Hancock Bridge Parkway). At the meeting in March plans for a multiuse (residential tower, commercial, and retail buildings) were presented as well as ideas to dredge, enlarge, and generally enhance the marina at the end of Orange Grove. What did the Civic Association tell the newspaper? Great idea. Vast improvement. Upgrades North Fort Myers as a destination BUT infrastructure needs to be looked at. Two lane roads will not accommodate the new traffic – if the project proceeds as planned. Also, adjacent neighborhoods may be more vulnerable to flooding. Some of our thoughts. However, environmental and infrastructure concerns are vetted in the permit process and it will be some time before there is a shovel in the ground. So, all stay tuned.

We (six of us) officially started selling NFM Community Night Miracle tickets at the Shell Factory. That’s going to be Aug. 4. Rain shortened the event so only a couple were sold, but we got exposure and that’s what counts. All American Printing (4621 Bayhore Rd.) has offered to be an in-person ticket supplier and they will place a banner on Bayshore Road about the event. Keep your eyes peeled! Remember, these general admission tickets are only $7.50 and part of that goes to the Civic Association. And the ticket comes with a goody bag. Surprise, surprise. Remember, we will also have a 50/50 raffle at the game so you may be the big winner, if you join us for the event. Finally, I’m told Doug Dailey will be on the field throwing an opening ball. I know Doug is a horseshoe pitching champion, now let’s see his fastball! Tickets are available for purchase on-line at our web-site at NFMCivic.com. Let’s show our community pride and fill the stadium. Wear red or green, colors we associate with the NFM Civic Association. Not necessarily both. I know they clash, but we’ll work that out later!

Do need to give kudos to board member Kim Tester and her husband Chris for the great job on our website. It mgets better every day. We have received several compliments on the new site so please take a minute and visit it (NFMCivic.com, if you forgot already).

Wiffle ball tournament is moving ahead. It looks like we may be able to hold it on the main football field at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center either the second or third weekend in February or the last weekend in January. Far enough away for a lot of planning. These date were selected as they are the closest dates to the beginning of Spring Training baseball here in Lee County and our tournament would be a draw for those coming into town. We’ve also received official notification from Wiffle Ball Inc. in Connecticut that our tournament has been accepted as certified and sanctioned. Who’d have ever thought of a Wiffle Ball tournament? Well, your NFM Civic Association did! It will be a great fundraiser and promote civic pride.

Hope to see you all July 10 at 6:30 p.m. for our next meeting. 2000 N. Recreation Park Way, North Fort Myers (of course).