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NFM Civic Association: Civic Association gets event sponsors!

By Staff | Jul 25, 2018

Okay. Things do happen behind the scenes at the North Fort Myers Civic Association.

At the July meeting we discussed getting a new Christmas tree for the annual lighting (the one used in the past was unimpressive, to say the least). The event on Dec. 15 will be a North Fort Myers Coalition affair (that’s the Civic Association, Chamber, and Rotary).

Well, Lee County Commissioner Pendergrass was in attendance at our last meeting. Afterwards, Civic Association Board member Danny Ballard spoke with him and, yes, the county will obtain a tree of our choosing, to be placed in front of the NFM Recreation Center in place of the existing one at no cost to the Coalition.

The County will remove the old tree (transplanting it) then plant the new tree – one we can all really be proud of.

On to Wiffel Ball. I’ve discussed the tournament to be held Feb. 9th and 10th of 2019 and can now announce that it has a title sponsor.

The Wiffel Ball Bash shall be called “The North Fort Myers Civic Association and Signarama / All American Printing Wiffel Ball Bash.”

Signarama/All American Printing will split the sponsorship with cash and printing free signage. Bruce and Darleen at Signarama/All American printing have become ardent supporters of the North Fort Myers Civic Association and we thank them for all they’ve done!

Now, back to the meeting. Maryanne Howard, president of the Lee County Arts Center (of North Fort Myers) provided us with a wonderful presentation on the LCAC’s inaugural event, an Art Walk, scheduled for July 28.

That’s this Saturday.

It will be held at Hancock Square, Cleveland and Hancock Bridge Parkway, beginning at 10 a.m. and running until 4 p.m. Ms.

Howard shared some of the particulars.

There will be 28 exhibitors. That’s right, 28. You’ll have to come and count them to keep me honest. And, we’ll have at least two food vendors.

And if that isn’t enough you can always take a break across the street at Daddy Dees for ice cream, Perkins for lunch, or McDonalds for, well, fries.

The Arts Center is looking for a retail/commercial rental (hopefully donated) to have a home as it awaits its tax exemption and develops more activities.

Ms. Howard also explained that the Arts Center has sponsored two art classes already, the last, painting on silk. Great presentation and we’re looking for exciting news as the LCAC continues to grow.

Moving on to a new logo, possibly. Pam Cronin of the Shell Factory has approved our using the design of its yellow arch on our Civic Association shirts (and other NFM Civic association items) if we want. Doug Daily and Danny Ballard met with her, showed her a design, and asked if we could move forward with it. She was excited about the connection of the Association with the Shell Factory. She’ll also give the Association a donation. Thank you Pam. So, at an upcoming meeting we will be making that decision; change logos, keep the old, or?

Don’t forget Aug. 4. The Miracle baseball game. The NFM Civic Association is selling tickets. General Admission is $7.50 and box sears are $10.00. This will be a North Fort Myers (Civic Association) community night. Name flashed on electronic billboards, a 50/50 raffle, and more! Please join us there. Tickets available on line at our website – www.nfmcivic.com and hope to see you at the game. We’ll have a table set up also outside.

Finally, air conditioners. Yes, I’m all over the place today. If you’ve been following my column you know the Coalition, thanks to the generosity of Ellsworth’s Heating and Cooling, has donated three air conditioning units to be installed at homes of three families who cannot otherwise afford them. Screening is taking place as more than 20 applications were received. We’ll announce the families chosen and the criteria at our August meeting.

So, that’s about all for now. Remember, our next meeting is Aug.13 at 6:30 p.m. 2000 N Recreation Park Way, North Fort Myers.

I’ll continue to keep us all updated on Civic Association activities and other interesting North Fort Myers events in the meantime.