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NFM Civic Association: Much coming up at the Civic Association

By Staff | Aug 22, 2018

I know I had a column last week. Won’t go through the “how I got off track” again, but with this one I’ll finally be back on track, every other week; one following our second Tuesday of the month meeting and another right before the next meeting, a recap and a heads up. Two a month. Today is just a short recap.

Well, last meeting of the North Fort Myers Civic Association was relatively uneventful. Several of the board members were absent, and excused. Only seven of 12 were in attendance. There should be a full complement next month. That’s why choosing the new logo (or keeping the old) was tabled until the September meeting (or a special Board meeting between now and then) with no less than 11 directors to vote. The Board members will certainly keep discussing options between now and then, announcing the final decision next month.

The amendments to the Bylaws and Articles were passed and approved. The Board can now move forward and file for a 501(c)(3) tax exemption. That will make donations tax deductible, so be prepared to reach in your pockets in a few months. As a Board member and retired attorney I will file the necessary papers for the Association, pro bono as the Latins say it, or as we here in Florida do, “for free.” See, we do not waste your donations!

Remember last week I mentioned a new tree for the December Christmas tree lighting. Well, as I write this we have the tree, actually two, and by the time you read this column they will have been planted, the old tree retired and given a new home.

Last week the League of Women Voters sponsored a forum, inviting the three Florida House District 79 candidates (2 Republicans and 1 Democrat). District 79 covers North Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Alva, Olga and Fort Myers Shores. Three minute statements were offered by two candidates (one declined due to a conflict) followed by questions and answers for Florida House District 79. It was held at the Recreation Center. Matt Miller (R) and yours truly (D) agreed on banning fracking in Florida (including deep water injection wells), and campaign finance reform. That is not to say Miller and I agreed on everything, but there were common ground issues identified. The winner of the Republican primary will face me in the General Election. Next month, date and time to be announced, the Civic Association in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a forum for the two remaining candidates. So don’t worry if you missed last week, you’ll get chance next month to hear candidates and ask some questions.

Come October, I know it seems far off, we will have Dr. Adkins, the Superintendent of Lee County Public Schools, and Chris Patricca, School Board member, speak about the school, its successes, finances, and the half-cent sales tax. And you can ask questions. So please mark your calendar for Oct. 9 at 6:30, same place as always.

Next regular meeting is Sept. 11, 6:30 p.m. at 2000 N. Recreation Park Way, North Fort Myers.

Hope to see you there.