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NFM Civic Association: Get ready for a long ballot – vote by mail!

By Staff | Sep 19, 2018

Well, I hate to admit error, but there were two in my last column.

I sent the date of our Sept. 10 meeting as the 10th. It was the 11th. We meet every second Tuesday except for special events. So always check your calendar. The meeting was Tuesday, the 11th. We did send someone there (my fiance) on Monday the 10th to redirect anyone who showed up. Luckily there was only one person. I guess not many read my column or you have enough sense to double check me on your own! Start time is always 6:30. The Board did have an informal meeting with the Tara Woods Board of Directors on Sept.ember 10th, but I’ll discuss that below.

Also, voting! Absentee (Vote by Mail) ballots go out Oct. 5 for the General Election (not Sept. 22 as I advised in my last column) so you still have time to sign up. It will be a long ballot. There are many Constitutional amendments to consider. So I suggest you call the Supervisor of Elections (239-533-8683), and ask if you are registered to vote by mail (you have to re-register every two election cycles) and if not, sign up. Only takes a minute. We’ll have a lot of decisions to make. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer, and Secretary of Agricultural for us all. Then, depending on your District, you’ll have Congressional, State House, State Senate and Lee County School Board.

OK, back to Tara Woods. North of the Shell Factory LeeTran does not offer bus service and without LeeTran Tara Woods’ residents are no eligible for ADA Passport services. The latter are services for eligible disabled residents including pre-arranged pick-up and delivery to county destinations. The cost is double usual fare and is a valuable service. Sadly, unless LeeTran has a bus route at the pickup site the Passport program is not available. Tara woods is 4 miles north of Shell Factory and, other communities along with Tara Woods, have 8,100 residents living in that swath of land.

And, it is growing!

So we (your Civic Association and Tara woods Board) met and are putting are heads together. The Civic Association is taking the lead to get Lee Tran to extend its route north of the Shell Factory. We will likely involve other groups (think Herons Glen). Board member Danny Ballard has already spoken with Lee County and the ball is rolling. A big deal? Well, yes, to those disabled community members living in the targeted area.

Wiffle Ball Bash looks like it’s headed for April or May. It is a fund raising tournament that the Miracle has joined in on. As mentioned before, we have the official endorsement for this event from the National Wiffle Ball organization. So, if you’ve ever swung a baseball bat, or even a fly swatter, come join us. Just keep checking our website (for which we keep getting compliments) to see when, where, and how much. www.nfmcivic.com.

The tree is planted for our Christmas lighting. Oh yeah, I mentioned that before. But please do not be disappointed when you see its presence. Like North Fort Myers, it will grow. It is not full size. But think of the benefits. The little tykes will be able to easily decorate it, from top to bottom!!

The Lee County Arts Center of North Fort Myers will hold its second art walk on October .13. Same location, Hancock Bridge Square. Stay tuned for time and description of artists who’ll be there. It will be a little cooler than the August event and hopefully the skies will be a clear blue – OK, a few white, puffy clouds will be acceptable.

Oh yes, Merchant’s Crossing is getting a face lift. With a matching grant from Lee County the facade will be changed. Expect bright colors. And do expect landscaping to be replaced, but not so that it will hide the buildings. I mean, why would you want to camouflage a new and vibrant shopping center?

Our next regular Civic Association meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 9. This is important. It is a special presentation. Lee County School Superintendent Dr. Adkins and School Board Member Chris Patricca will be speaking and answering questions. Remember, we also have the half-cent sales tax on the ballot? Did you know the State Legislature cut $200 million from the School District’s budget? Find out how that happened and its impact.

Please attend! 200 N. Recreation Park Way, North Fort Myers. 6:30 p.m. as always.