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By Staff | Jul 29, 2020

To the editor:

If you are my age (80), or a history buff, you remember the “Red Scare” which started in World War II and finally lost its flavor when we withdrew from Vietnam. That Red menace never got to Hawaii, then onto Australia and finally California. What we should never forget are those 58,000 Americans we lost in that “hot bed” of communism. And now today the world’s largest-communist country (China) is our major trading partner.

Our president, Don John Trump, is now extolling the evils of socialism.

Guess our allies in Western Europe, who have agencies which are socialistic, aren’t to be trusted. Everyone knows that there are endeavors which are just either too expensive or to vast for private citizens and/or corporations to lay ownership to hence, the Federal Government.

A partial list of American socialistic agencies are noted.

Medical care for veterans, air traffic control, national highways, Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, Food Safety, prescription drugs, airborne virus, Cyber attacks, space exploration, military, cancer research, Census, climate change, securing plutonium, FBI, CIA, energy grid, safeguards for financial crisis, FEMA, terrorism.

Just so I don’t misunderstand you, Don John Trump, are these government agencies you want us to give up?

Oh, it just clicked. Add the IRS to that list, Did Don John Trump release his tax returns?

David Stafford

Cape Coral