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Nobody can really believe Biden will do a better job

By Staff | Aug 13, 2020

To the editor:

I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat or an independent, do you honestly believe Joe Biden would do a better job than President Trump has?

Biden’s family ought to be ashamed of themselves for encouraging him to run for a job he is not qualified for. Everything he states he will get done Trump has already done it, except defund the police. This clown has been in Washington for close to 50 years and now he states all he is going to do. He was vice president with the worst and most racist president this country has ever had. The only thing Biden did in those eight years is make his son Hunter and other family members rich.

If Biden were to become president (heaven forbid) it would be in name only. Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff and Durbin would tell Biden exactly what they want done and like a learning puppy he would do it. I heard people say they will not vote for Trump and they did not like Biden so the vice president would take over. That is really sharp thinking — so they are voting for a vice president, not president. I have also heard “my father, his father and his father always vote Democrat and so will I.” How smart is that??

The Washington Democrats are blaming Trump for everything they can think off, hoping some of it will stick on the wall — for the coronavirus and anything else to try to make the president look bad. Why didn’t they tell Trump what their ideas were? They had no idea how to stop it. They say and do anything to make Trump look bad. Democrats do not want any presidential debates. They know there is no way Biden could win and that people will see his memory and dementia are getting worse and he can not ask or answer anything without notes.

I cannot understand how anybody can believe Biden is a good choice for the most important and hardest job there is.

Biden was accused of sexual assault by a young lady in the White House and it was shut down by the Democrats. Remember the hell the Democrats put judge Kavanaugh through when he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct when he was in high school and all the Democrats believed everything they heard in the hearings as the truth? They went all out with dumb threats and protested. Both the Schumers were right in it and carrying on like the lowlifes they are. Dick Durbin made a total jerk out of himself the way he treated the judge — and he never apologized for the way he carried on.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral