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Congress needs a DUI checkpoint

By Staff | Oct 14, 2020

To the editor:

When I listen to the Democrats talking about the vital issues on the table I can only scream for sobriety tests. It’s simply incomprehensible that any thinking clearly individual would utter such babble and then expect another sane human being to buy the blather.

First there’s the lawlessness in any number of cities across America, all controlled by the Democrats. We see on television buildings set on fire, businesses being looted, and citizens being attacked, and while we’re watching this, the Democrats call the activity “peaceful demonstrations.”

Then it’s established that Joe Biden’s son was paid millions of dollars by or in foreign countries, and Joe Biden tells us he didn’t know anything about it. Biden and the Democrats opine that the payment was for consulting on a board of directors… dealing with issues that the son knows nothing about. We’re expected to believe this is lawful behavior.

Now we come to the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The disgraceful dems, instead of saluting a woman who deserves our respect and admiration, they attack her because she’s a Catholic, insisting that her religion prohibits her from being fair. Oh yes, Judge Barrett can’t discharge her duties fairly because she’s Catholic but Joe Biden, a Catholic, and Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, and John F.Kennedy, a Catholic, can and have been fair by placing the law at the top of the priority list.

Just how brain dead do they think we are? The only answer is that the Democrats believe that we’re dumb, moronic, dim-witted and just plain stupid and we’re going to ignore what we see in favor of what they say.

For more than 200 years Americans have had the good fortune of living in the greatest nation on earth.

Perfect, no.

But the United States of America is a nation blessed by God and as long as we stay faithful to Him our future will be safe for our generations to come. We need to turn away from the destructive forces that are advocating the change in the Constitution, the continuation of baby murdering, the increased power of the government, the open borders, the destruction of jobs, the suppression of business success along with a number of other measures, all designed to transform our great nation from a thriving democracy to a subservient and second-rate communist existence.

Let”s be clear: A vote for Joe Biden, or any Democratic candidate for elected office, is disrespect for our founders, for those who have fought for democracy, and made the supreme sacrifice, and, most importantly, a shameful and dangerous attack directed at God.

Common sense insists that you cannot practice hypocrisy by claiming a love for God, then side with His attackers, and then expect His favor.

A vote for President Trump, and other Republican candidates is the only way to keep America safe and moving in the right direction.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral