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Students have option of changing class choice

Switch in instruction model deadline Oct. 16 for Face-to-Face, Lee Home Connect models

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | Oct 14, 2020


Students who are enrolled in either in-school, or Lee Home Connect instruction models have an opportunity to switch to the other until Oct. 16.

So far there are more than 2,500 students who have chosen to return to campus for “Face-to-Face” learning; almost 100 will switch to Lee Home Connect, school spokesperson Rob Spicker said.

“We expect those numbers to continue rising, but predicting how many will make a change in learning models is difficult since we don’t know the factors for their original choice,” he said.

Currently there are 43,562 students enrolled in the in-class model and 35,066 enrolled in Lee Home Connect.

The change for Lee Home Connect and Face-to-Face comes at the end of the quarter.

“Families need to make their request before the deadline because once the second quarter starts, any changes are going to be limited and require a principal’s approval. We anticipate continuing Lee Home Connect as long as the need and demand is there for this school year,” Spicker said.

The deadline to fill out the application and change the model of instruction is at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16. With the second quarter starting on Monday, Nov. 2, the district will use those two weeks to make schedule adjustments and any necessary staff adjustments to meet the requests of the families.

The Face-to-Face class size is 18 students for pre-kindergarten through third grade, 22 students for fourth through eighth grade and 25 students for those in ninth through 12th grade. Spicker said Lee Home Connect classes can be larger, but they have worked hard at keeping the class size manageable.

The form, which can be found on the district’s website at www.leeschools.net, includes such questions as the students name, ID, grade and which model they would like to switch to, as well as if they will ride the bus.

No action is needed for those parents who wish to keep their child in the same model.

Those who choose to change to Lee Home Connect from Face-to-Face instruction should consider that it is possible that their child may have a different teacher, as well as a change in their class schedule.

Those students choosing to switch from Lee Home Connect to in-school instruction should consider that social distancing will be limited due to increased in-person enrollment; masks are required; a possible change in teacher, as well as a possible change in class schedule.

Changes can be made again for Lee Home Connect, or Face-to-Face learning models in January at the beginning of the third quarter. At that time students can also enroll, or un-enroll, in Lee Virtual School.

Parents will have the opportunity to confirm their child’s new learning model by logging into their FOCUS account 48 hours after requesting the switch.