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North High celebrates Knight Out

By CHUCK BALLARO - | Oct 21, 2020

Garrett Speer performs during the Knight Out event at The Ranch in Fort Myers on Saturday. PHOTO PROVIDED


Hundreds of North Fort Myers High School students and supporters came out Saturday to hear Nashville country singer and local boy Garrett Speer and to do a little line dancing, all to raise money for the football team through raffles and admission.

Although the crowd was less than hoped for due to the pandemic, the second-annual Knight Out held at The Ranch in Fort Myers was deemed a success.

Those who attended the 15-and-up event said they also had a good time.

Football players had their jerseys on and helped get the event up and running, while numerous friends and family of Speer came to see him perform country favorites and his own material.

There also were numerous businesses who not only donated raffle prizes, but also bought tables so they could be part of the evening’s festivities.

Many of the students took their first line dance lessons, learning some very easy ones that more dedicated dancers take the floor to.

Principal Debbie Diggs was there with her family and was very happy with how things went, considering that it was the third attempt to hold the fundraiser.

“We were really happy to get this off the ground as it was supposed to happen last spring before everyone went into quarantine,” Diggs said. “We’re thankful Garrett stuck with us because he could have said he wasn’t able to do it. The third was a charm and here we are.”

Dwayne Mack, head football coach, said the money will come in handy for items the team might need, since a football program isn’t cheap.

“We can get things like helmets, technology, etc… The North Fort Myers community has come out again to support us and I think it’s a great event for the alumni to come back,” Mack said. “Garrett has brought his fans here and this is a great event.”

Paxton Walker, a football player, was also having a good time playing pool with his teammates and even learning to line dance.

“It’s a blessing that people come out tonight. We had a local group come back from Nashville to play and support the Red Knights,” Walker said. “I took two dance lessons, I never did it before. That was something new and I hope I can use it someday.”