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The sky is not falling

By Staff | Nov 4, 2020

To the editor:

The great experiment that is called America has been and always will be a work in progress. We have held together through worse times than now. The Civil War, the market crash of 1929 and subsequent depression are two examples. Suffice it to say, there are dozens more. The notion that we will succumb to a radical, socialist agenda is an exaggeration as well as a specious argument. It only fuels the vitriolic rhetoric on both sides that accomplishes nothing. The fact that we are being sternly tested should be obvious to every concerned American, yet, this is not the nadir of our existence and the sky is not falling. It is not the absence of a Hillary Clinton presidency that saved us from ruin. It is the Constitution and its myriad checks and balances that always wins the day. Our society is deeply divided along racial, economic and political boundaries. However, history has demonstrated as we move further to the center, fair mindedness and common sense sets the tone for a more tranquil period. However symbolic, the birth of our republic did not come with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Nor did it come when our Constitution was ratified in 1789. It didn’t come until our ideals were challenged and Washington’s executive branch had the first peaceful transfer of power in our nation’s history. Although a nascent stage in our history, this event created a sense of stability that our nation could trust and rely on.

Washington’s message was clear — “put aside your differences and have faith in the checks and balances within our Constitution that protect and defend all that we love as Americans.” If we change presidents, this gesture will happen again as it always does when calmer heads prevail. What can we do proactively as individuals? Take a deep breath and have a sensible skepticism. See sophistry in our politicians and media for what it is. A ploy to trick you!

Disavow relationships with the “lunatic fringe” and call them out for being fear mongers. Commit to educate yourself with an open mind. Write to your politicians and hold them accountable. Be fair minded, reasonable and respectful in your everyday discussions. Are we going through a very difficult period in our history? Of course we are, but the sky is certainly not falling.

Bob Bringe

St. James City