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Please wear a mask, even with the vaccine

By Staff | Dec 30, 2020

To the editor:

You need to keep wearing your mask and washing your hands with ridiculous frequency. The virus is not done infecting Southwest Florida, and you are still at risk. The current emergency-approved vaccine does not prevent further transmission of the disease. The 85-year-olds and health care workers currently taking the shot from Pfizer will get some mitigation from the effects (like death) of infection by the virus. But they may still catch the virus and may become asymptomatic. The virus is still going to be capable of being passed on. Unless you are protecting yourself with a mask, you may still be eligible for infection. There can still be symptomatic outbreak among those who do not get the shot, and the last of us will not be eligible for taking the shot before summer of next year. Keep yourself healthy!

On the plus side the U.S. plunged $300,000,000 dollars further in debt to provide socialist support for the business community. Socialism, the government subsidy of failing businesses, is regularly ballyhooed by Floridians when anyone suggests we should subsidize medical care for the indigent, or give families with children food assistance. But every once in a while the lions of capitalism stop bemoaning the coddling of the poor. Usually, as now, it is when they are shoveling public revenue into own their mouths. One third of the pandemic relief was directed by the GOP to those who have most benefited from capitalism. Suddenly the creative destruction of capitalism is no longer as appealing as getting in line for the socialist dole. There will also be a few more weeks of enhanced unemployment and stimulus checks for everybody.

So Merry Christmas Tiny Tim! We gave a third of your relief to Uncle Scrooge to “keep up the payroll.” May the New Year bring us all better tidings!

Ellen Starbird

Cape Coral