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Some clarification on ‘heroism’s demise’

By Staff | Feb 3, 2021

To the editor:

Re: “Eulogy for Heroism:” The writer’s diatribe is sadly mistaken. “Sen. Scott…never personally risked service in the military.” Wrong. Sen. Scott did serve in the U.S. Navy. After basic training he served 29 months as a radar technician aboard the USS Glover. He then attended college.

“Pennsylvania…allow(ed) voting by mail.” True, but the screed that follows is mis-directed. The complaint was not about voting by mail generally, just that Pennsylvania’s Democratic Secretary of State and election commissioner unilaterally directed that: 1. No signature was needed to count a ballot, 2. No post mark was needed to count a ballot, 3. No signature verification was needed to count a ballot, and 4. Ballots received after election day would be counted.

Just saying.

James Eberz

Cape Coral