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The Proud Boys labeled a Terrorist Organization in Canada

By Staff | Mar 3, 2021

To the editor:

The Proud Boys have been designated as a hate group and banned in Canada as a Terrorist Organization. The group has spread propaganda/lies about the election and its members encouraged and participated in the riot at the Capitol that resulted in the injury of 140 officers on Jan. 6, according to the Washington Post. One officer was murdered in the event and another’s eye was gouged out while they joined in the siege.

I come from an Italian immigrant family who fled Italy after the Nazis invaded our family village. The Nazis killed people and left the nation in financial ruin. The Nazis, like the Proud Boys, spread hate, racism and propaganda. It disgusts me that anyone would associate with a group like the Proud Boys. It is an insult to our veterans who died in World War II and risked their lives to fight against hate/fascism.

My great grandfather came to America via Cuba as an Italian immigrant. He worked very hard doing physical labor in construction and helped build the foundation of the Brooklyn Public Library along with other immigrants who came to this nation to help better the lives of their families in a country that values democracy, and liberty. My family came to this country to be free from fear, free from hate.

My family also serves in law enforcement and we saw through claims that right wing supporters of Trump stated they support law enforcement and we knew that was just an attempt to manipulate the public.

No one is above the law. The Proud Boys have already been designated a terrorist group by another country and a hate group here in the U.S. They are currently being investigated by the FBI. The public needs to be very wary and make sure they are not being groomed or manipulated by this, or any group, promoting hate and violence.

Businesses who host events with such groups are putting public safety at risk, this poses a financial liability as well with insuring such businesses.

As a Catholic, I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Hate groups go against these teachings and educational institutions should be working hard to make sure that students and others in the community are educated about hate groups and the Holocaust/World War II and these courses should be required. In my opinion, students who associate with hate groups should be suspended or expelled.

Tragically, with the death of an officer and injuries of others at the Capitol, history has already repeated itself. It is up to every member of this community to call for hate groups to be banned. There is a big difference between promoting free speech and truth vs. hate speech, violence, and lies that threaten our safety and democracy.

C.A. Hughes, MSW

Cape Coral