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Extenuating circumstances create reasonable doubt

By Staff | Apr 28, 2021

To the editor:

Let me begin by saying it is a true tragedy that there had to be a loss of life for both Mr. Floyd and Mr. Wright.

In both cases, one now adjudicated with findings of guilt, the other still pending, we have to ask ourselves if there are extenuating circumstances that create a reasonable doubt as to the charges.

Beginning with George Floyd we still have to ask… Did Mr. Floyd have a criminal record, illegal drugs in his system, underlying medical issues and most importantly did he resist when the officers tried to place him in the back of the squad car? These past and present occurrences are more than enough to create a reasonable doubt, if the officer’s actions were unwarranted. Also, with the gathering crowd it posed the potential of becoming less than friendly toward the police officers in this arrest. Doctor Baker by performing the original autopsy had nothing to gain by not presenting all the facts in George Floyd’s autopsy. Unfortunately the prosecution, after the fact, hired outside medical experts to refute the autopsy results for this trial. And, when taking the witness stand, these expert witnesses, who did not do the autopsy, were paid quite well by the prosecution to give only their opinions as to the cause of death.

The death of Daunte Wright from an apparent accidental discharge of a police officers weapon again demonized this 26-year veteran officer for this accident. In examining the case for extenuating circumstances for this unfortunate accident we must review Mr. Wright’s background. Daunte Wright had multiple criminal charges on his record from first degree robbery, fleeing a police officer and a weapons charge of possession. At the time of his attempted arrest on a warrant, the police officers had this past criminal information for Mr. Wright. Following Mr. Wrights actions of resisting and jumping into his vehicle creates this extenuating circumstance of fear of his next actions once he again enters his vehicle. Especially with a possession of a weapons charge on his record.

So in reviewing both Mr. Floyd’s and Mr. Wright’s actions coupled with their past criminal history, any reasonable and intelligent person would realize that the end actions in both cases would not have occurred if not for the extenuating circumstances that were created by Mr. Floyd and Mr. Wright. These end actions, even though mistakes were made, were a result of their actions.

Let me reiterate, it is truly a tragic loss of life for both Mr. Floyd and Mr. Wright But, we must ask, would it be beyond a reasonable doubt, that both Mr. Floyd and Mr. Wright would be alive today if not for their actions at the time of their attempted arrest?

Unfortunately, the unrest in the streets by radical movements trying to make these incidents racial, operate with blinders on. For example, there have been 163 killings in Chicago up to April 14, 2021 this year. This is an increase from 120 killings (26%) increase from last year in the same time frame. Yet, these radical movements or the media never address or show these innocent killings of children and young adults in Chicago or other cities in the U.S. Could it be because the majority of these killings are by someone of the same race? Going back to the idea that all lives should matter.

In closing we look at the charges of insurrection waged against many storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 with justifiable great concern. Yet, this same insurrection occurred in many cities in our nation during the so-called peaceful protest. And, the latest incitement for this promotion of rioting comes from Rep. Maxine Walters (D – CA.) in calling for violence in becoming more confrontational in Minnesota. Issues cannot not be resolved by this kind of ignorance. All this in the name of WHAT?

Surrounding the courthouse in Minnesota is nothing more than a form of intimidation that eventually creates a greater divide and more violence in the streets.

Wake up America!

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral