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Point of contact is the point

By Staff | Apr 28, 2021

To the editor:

We are missing the point!

The major news organizations are focusing their attention and dialogue on the recent actions of several police officers. These officers, at the time of the event, were dealing with an unknown quantity as they approached, and started to investigate a probable cause of criminal activity. In each incident that involved the death of the driver of the vehicle, one point is being neglected. The action that was put in motion, that led to the event of the driver’s death, was that they, the driver, disregarded the lawful command of the police officers involved.

But focusing on that point is not as newsworthy as the subsequent actions that evolved.

In both these recent cases, if the driver had obeyed the lawful command of the officers, most likely all would have ended well. But then, that would not sell newspapers.

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD

Cape Coral