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For whom the bridge tolls

By Staff | May 5, 2021

To the editor:

Reading information in paper about bridge tolls and using figures posted in your sister paper, the Cape Coral Breeze, let me offer suggestions:

Go back to toll collection. It appears salaries are lower than admin costs. The alley has staffed tolled booths, so let’s move on from COVID excuse. Plus people’s jobs more important.

If going toll by plate and transponder is the thought, then:

– Transponder program stays as is with price increases based on maintenance issues, etc..

– Don’t charge people with transponders for the toll by plate initiative. That is unfair.

– Right now, tolls based by axles, which is somewhat related to weight. Let motorcycles travel free.

– Toll by plate, let those people bear FULL cost of program. It is easy enough to get a transponder (SunPass or Leeway or other compatible transponders). If they don’t want to get it, oh well.

-Rental car companies have toll programs in place, so impact of tourist or out of towners being impacted is not true, they can drive right through.

Jay Coughlin

Cape Coral