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North traditional summer camp full

By CHUCK BALLARO - | Jun 25, 2021

Summer camp at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center for elementary school children is at capacity with camp for middle schoolers filling rapidly.

All 90 slots for the traditional camp are filled for the shortened five-week camp season that starts June 28 and ends July 30.

For middle-schoolers, there were still some slots available each week, with the numbers capped at 40.

Jessy Zukaitis, traditional camp supervisor, said the numbers have increased from earlier in the spring.

“We were told we could increase our numbers. It’s back to 15 campers per group,” Zukaitis said. “The loosened restrictions from COVID allowed us to bump the numbers up and add more kids to each group.”

This year’s camp will be a little different. The five-week camp is the shortest they have had because of COVID and the earlier start to the new school year. Last year’s camp was extended to 11 weeks as schools opened late because of the pandemic.

Also, like last summer, there will be no field trips as there are still enough COVID restrictions to keep that from happening.

“We can’t get the transportation. So, we will have a lot of guest speakers coming. I have someone coming in just about every day,” Zukaitis said.

The camps will work with the 4-H program, with which they will incubate eggs and hatch chickens. The North Fort Myers Fire and Rescue District will come to speak about fire prevention and bring their hoses to get the kids wet on those hot days via slip and slides and obstacle courses.

They will also do the breakfast and lunch programs as camp will again run for 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We’re slowly moving back to normalcy. It’s the first time we’ve sold out traditional camp and there is a waiting list, which is also full,” Zukaitis said. “There is a high demand for camp, and we’re just going with the flow.”

For more information or to sign up for middle-school camp, call Zukaitis at 533-7200.