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Dock manufacturer expands with growth

By CHUCK BALLARO - | Aug 6, 2021

During the pandemic, there were certain businesses that became big winners as people stayed home and didn’t go to restaurants or even school.

One of those which saw success was the dock and boat lift industry and Golden Manufacturing, a business that operates out of North Fort Myers at 17611 East St., took full advantage of the opportunity.

Golden Manufacturing, which makes aluminum boat lifts and floating concrete docks, has increased its main facility with the addition of a new building. The significant expansion parallels the company’s growth and supports the increasing demand for its products.

Bill Golden, president and CEO of Golden Manufacturing, said things have gotten so busy that he’s finding it more difficult to keep up, thus the expansion.

“We’re getting it ready to make it a lean manufacturing facility; everything we do is minimum movement parts,” Golden said. “We can accomplish a lot in the least amount of time. We’re bringing in more people and more machines. Our business is going crazy.”

Golden Manufacturing started about 40 years ago, starting out with Quality Boat Lifts, which was soon sold, which allowed Golden to go on his own in the mid-1990s. He has been in North Fort Myers for about 15 years.

“We started building boat lifts, then the former mayor of Bonita wanted me to build a floating boat lift,” Golden said. “I took on the challenge and started building floating docks with the boat lift.”

Since COVID, Golden said things have gone through the roof. People are home more and want to be outside more. People who are on the water and live on the water are taking advantage of it. They’re putting boat lifts in their backyard.

“When COVID hit, they shut all the boat ramps down in Miami and there were lines for miles to get to that one boat ramp,” Golden said. “I saw that and thought we were going to sell so many boat lifts and we did.”

The new 18,000-square-foot building incorporates office and manufacturing space, including new welding and cutting machines, drills presses, jigs and fixtures, and two forklifts.

This brings Golden’s overall footprint at its North Fort Myers facility to 60,000 square feet for production, warehouse and offices.

“It allows us to continue to optimize and upscale our manufacturing processes, and explore exciting new areas of product development. We have two new products we’re working on and taking on distribution on both coasts. We also have a plastic floating dock as well,” Golden said. “We keep growing because our customers keep asking for different products. They want us to build different things or develop different products. We’re happy to as long as we have enough people working for us.”

Golden Manufacturing has distribution warehouses outside of Charlotte, N.C. and Seattle, Wash. and a global network of over 190 dealers.

For more information, contact Golden Manufacturing at 888-909-5438 or 337-4141. sales@goldenboatlifts.com; www.goldenboatlifts.com; www.goldenmarinesystems.com.